Thursday 1 May 2008

Notes on Philosophy


For a while now I have been convinced that Darwin's theory is too simplistic to be true, although obviously the alternative is not to be considered the tale of Adam and Eve. Yesterday though, this idea broke into my mind which could be the only evidence in favour of Darwinism according to my line of thought. I was listening to yet another piece of tragic news (not personal)and suddenly I felt as if life was revealing it's true nature in front of my very eyes. There it was, life has no logical sense whatsoever, no intrinsic meaning, we are brought to believe it has by a cheap trick between brain and DNA so that the species can carry on existing (and this is the evidence in favour of Darwin who wants us deriving from "monkeys" thus just slightly more evolved animals, with all their basic instincts). But if you give your attention to reason, suppressing the endorphins that make you see all things beautiful around you, if you see the illusion beyond the beauty of nature and start thinking of life itself, you'll see we live an average of 80 years (to stay on the optimistic side), nothing compared to eternity and what do we get for it? Since we are born we have to face the knowledge that it will all end up inexorably in death, we have to face illness, accidents, bordum, most of us are forced to employ great part of their time in activities they do not particularly enjoy just to survive (and here I'm just talking of the "rich" world, without considering those that have even the misfortune to be born in the third world, dying of starvation, illness and slavery), for what say I, to be enchanted by the beauty of a tree or of the clouds? To suffer all this aggravation for 5 minutes of peace a day? That's the cheap trick. To be born and die with the only purpose of becoming fertilizer, I'm not so sure anymore that it is us exploiting the earth and not the contrary, at the end of the day maybe we are just an error of nature, an altered animal, maybe animals are contented to live their lives this way, I don't think an intelligent being should be. Maybe when mankind will come to a higher level of evolution, when it will start listening to reason it will stop reproducing and head toward extinction, unless a bigger knowledge to be attained should manifest itself, we should overcome nature by becoming immortal, grant everybody a fulfilling standard of life and expand our horizons exploring the Universe, but then when that's done we're back to the beginning again.
Awaiting for my brain to produce enough endorphins to make me see everything positively again, I will be glad for anyone to give me any logical reason to believe that all the above is not applicable.