Saturday 27 January 2018

Your counselor too has a story to tell!

Today I want to introduce a nice book on motivation and self-improvement. In fact, more than that, it is a lesson regarding the strength of will power. It is the story of Patrice Shavone Brown, a mental health counselor that has not had it all easy in her life, however she has fought for what she wanted to achieve and she has obtained it. The interesting thing about this book is the switch in perspective: the counselor, instead of being the observer, becomes the observed; the vulnerable one that has to overcome those obstacles that normally are related to her by patients.

Title:      Secrets of a Mental Health Counselor

Author:  Patrice Shavone Brown

I am very interested in reading books on self-improvement, therefore, when I found out this book dealing with the ‘behind the scenes’ of a Counselor and Motivator, I got rather curious. When I say behind the scenes I don’t mean that the author reveals details about the people she helps, but about her own background, what made her who she is. It was very interesting to go through the pages and acknowledge how difficulties and failures can transform you into a strong and assertive person, who knows where she wants to get and focuses on her targets. It is, in fact, rather logical that someone with so much life experience should have a lot to give to other people, in terms of counseling and helping them overcome negative periods. Also, for a person to know that their counselor has gone through difficulties and has overcome them, becoming a successful person, should reinforce the trust he/she feels for the professional, and the suggestions they get to resolve their own problems.
I have liked many aspects of this book: I gained a little insight into an American community, followed a true story of emancipation, acquired a new perspective regarding the figure of the counselor and the way the individual life experiences might be used to help others. Also, the book is in itself a sort of self-improvement course, if you are attentive to the pattern drawn by the various life phases the author went through. The part of the book I preferred is when the author narrates about her parents’ divorce and the way she helped them to remain a family; I believe that part contains the essence of what can be learned from this book.

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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Make an extraordinary journey across the centuries with this lovely book.

Today I want to present one of the best books I have read lately. Since the very first page I was enchanted by the poetical flowing of the writing, then, another thing I appreciated, was the many layers of reading that the story offers. First of all the story itself, naturally, very original and fascinating. Secondly, a profound reflection on what it means to be human, to have a soul, a conscience, a sense of morality, and how this in itself is not sufficient to determine the kindness and righteousness of a person. I leave the rest for you to discover, knowing that this book is written so well, so graciously and impeccably that it is sheer pleasure to read, even regardless of what happens within it.

Title:     The Black Hen And The Thirteen Magic Rings
Author: Dan Pollino

When I first read the title I thought it would be a children’s book, or something like a comical fantasy. It turned out to be a story full of wonder, unfolding around three different continents and many centuries. It is more than a fantasy book, its essence resides on the border between reality, spirituality and enchantment. It narrates of an ancient book of magic, of two ancient creatures that live through the centuries, each in its own way trying to fill a void inside, and finally about the two teenagers who will unleash the magic. I do not want to disclose more than this, because this story deserves to be fully discovered by the reader and believe me, there is so much to it. The rhythm is perfect, picking up when the action starts and gently slowing down when it is time for reflection; it is supported by a writing style which is both elegant, neat and poetical, so that you can flow through the descriptions of places and feelings as if you were experiencing them yourself. There is a lot of adventure in this novel, a lot of feeling and emotion. Innocence, treason, courage and loyalty. Ashes, straw, immortality, soul; what will the last choice be?
The storm is approaching, silent and devastating, I can smell it in the air and I miss the cosy safety of my den.

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