Wednesday 9 March 2011

Long due update on what is going on

I'm so busy I rarely have time to drop by this blog, which is wrong...
What's taking place? There's a new album by TRTV out there called Sounds. In Life And Death Of These Derelict Souls, you can buy it on Itunes, Amazon or from the official website for just 1 euro, thus supporting also other projects by Frillye.
Warped Cats are recording the second EP, there's still quite a bit of work to be done but hopefully it will be ready by the end of spring.
All through last summer Frillye was present with a little store in Lido di Savio selling books and CDs, it will probably not be replied this summer because of other programs.
The next thing in the list is to organize an online TV channel for which I already have many ideas, the thing lacking is time, it's hard to do everything on one's own, a part from having to work and all the rest...
Also in its way the production of audiobooks covering all of Tanya's poetry production, a lenghty piece of work as it happens.
Many other things are there waiting, doesn't make sense to list them all, what I can say though is:


go to and buy a subscription for just 1 euro, a little price that will help an artist a great deal.