Tuesday 6 November 2012

Rights and Duties

Mr Marchionne is helping to take this country back to the '800s, his behaviour lately resembles closely that of a few dictators that are best not be spoken out loudly, he shows not the least respect for people and thinks so highly of himself as to expect to have the stature for judging people on superficial personal information rather than based on the quality of the work they produce (if anything, only THAT is what he could possibly be called upon to judge). He's workers should have no brain to express opinions, they should only have hands and legs to produce and obey, in all this, rights are absolutely out of the question. Whatever he chooses to pay you, you should devoutly be thankful for, no matter how many hours he tells you you have to work, you should devoutly be thankful for, no matter how many promises and agreements he chooses to break, you should devoutly bow your head and pretend nothing happened. Does he think to be God or what? I personally cannot suffer God for such behaviour, think about a small insignificant piece of walking flesh tossed in the Universe such as Mr Marchionne!
I would like to remind this sad gentleman and his puppet boss Mr Elkann that they are debtors to all Italians of a nice little capital our passed governments have given to FIAT, without which they would be bosses of nothing because that company would be dead and buried many years ago, so they owe people in this country a good deal of respect!
I would also like to remind them that if there are no rights there are no duties either, which in my humble opinion, could land us all in a rather nasty predicament...
Finally a thought for all my fellow workers: if each one of us would stop working for even just 1 penny less than what we are really worth, those few thousands fat arses would stop wallowing in gold on the skin and bones of billions of us (including poor children!!).