Sunday 9 June 2013

The Smile Therapy

Back in 2006 I was going through one of my numerous difficult periods. One evening as I was walking and thinking about my miseries, a thought was thrown in my head ... why not try and smile in the face of trouble. Why not, if you haven't got any better idea you might as well try that. So I did. It worked for a little while then I went back to my usual mood, perseverance was never my strongest quality so to say. Still, that little seed was not washed away in the ocean of distress. Last year, right in the middle of another low peak I came across a little booklet on visualization, it was rather mind opening, not so much for all that was written, it was basically one single concept rewritten in all possible manners with not much space for practical advice and the concept was not so totally new to me, but the fact that it came into my hands at that peculiar time and the fact of reading and re-reading that idea over and over sort of fired my enthusiasm in trying again to exercise the power of my mind. This time I did it with a little more conviction and I was supported by different people that helped me refine the idea of what the mind can lead you to and gave me an insight into the forces and energy sources that surround us. As I said, they are not new concepts for me, I have always been interested in oriental disciplines and martial arts, but sometimes it's as if things need to be ripe before you can fully capture their significance and see beyond the words you are reading or listening. This last year has been a continuous learning process, a fight against my melancholy inclined personality to try and empower myself to reach the objectives I have set for my life. After years of hearing that Jesus said to turn the other cheek, only now do I fully grasp that concept, which is not being passive and too "good" to retaliate, it's the same as my smile therapy. If you respond to evil, bad luck, difficulties with distress, fear, bad mood, etc. you do nothing other than feed those negativities, if, instead, you answer with calmness, steadyness, warmth and smile, you starve them and eventually you will win them and clear your path from them. Naturally understanding the concept and being able to apply it is not the same thing. It takes time, perseverance, trust, hope, strength, there will be times when you'll fall back down, it doesn't matter, you haven't failed, slowly but surely, pick yourself up, use your fingers to lift the corners of your lips if necessary, do it, continue to do it. I am sure it will pay out. I have embarked in this venture, I get frustrated as nothing seems to be changing but I carry on, so many times I have picked myself up already but I carry on. I have also written myself a list of positive statements regarding my person and my life that I repeat with intention each night and whenever possible. I have always strongly believed in the power of the mind and also in fluxes of energy. I invite anybody reading and sharing my own situation to try this path, if I can anybody can, I'm sure.
Thank you to all the people I met along the way that have helped me understand so many things!