Sunday 12 July 2015

Europe and Greece

I can't hold my tongue any longer on this issue. For months now, we've had to put up with this carousel, Greece in - Greece out. I mean, does Europe not have any sense of dignity left?! What sort of union is it, if people can be drawn in and kicked out whenever someone else pleases. Greece has big responsibilities and has made great errors, indeed, but European govenors have just the same, where were they when Greek politicians squandered European money in every direction. Why is there no control on how European money is spent by single states? Greece has great responsibilities and European Institutions are nonexistent. Furthermore, why is it that when we are talking of European Union all we keep hearing is Germany, Germany, Germany, France, Germany, Germany! What's this? I would like to introduce a sharp comment now, but I shall withhold it and leave it to everyone's imagination. If there is to be a Union, then each State should have the same weight and recognition, in fact, it is about time to take a major decision. If the European Union is to exist, then it should become like the USA, a union of federal states under a central government. It is the only way forward. I'm a convinced European, and I sincerely hope for this to happen. But if not, then the Union is in deep trouble because, frankly, among the rest, I believe southern states should stop bearing to be treated by northern states as the poor naughty cousins, that should not be taken too seriously because they don't know how to do their homework too well, if this is to carry on, then tell them to go bathe with the seals and lets go our separate ways. But remember first classers, that western civilization was born here, and we still have that spark of geniality that keeps us on the roof of the world, and that liveliness that is given by beauty, sunshine, exquisite cuisine, and being the frontier between the west, the east and the south. I think there's enough in that to deserve plenty of respect!
I want a European Union where there's no space for the selfishness of single states, where each state is put into the situation to achieve its full potential thus contributing to the welfare of the whole union. I want a European Union where the emphasis is on society and people and not on speculation, particular financial interests, banks, lobbies and so on.
I find it disgraceful that European Union politicians should sit and talk about cancelling third world debts and then reduce one of their member states into a third wold country itself. Because this is what is happening with Greece, people are on their knees, what else can they give to the dratted burocrats? Of course they must pay their debts, but they must be spread in such a way that the population shouldn't suffer anymore hardship.
The bottom line is: