Thursday 2 November 2017

New course

Being very busy as an author and songwriter (and my ordinary job, naturally) has made it difficult for me to make a good job out of this blog. However, I have recently started reading quite a few books from indipendent authors, this has triggered a thought. Why not use this blog to share some of the reviews I have written for these books.
As usual, some of my posts will be in English and some in Italian, according to the content; also, I shall continue, every now and again, to post about art exhibitions, concerts I might have particularly enjoyed or any extemporaneous topic that may pop into my mind and which I feel like sharing.

Just to start with the right foot, I will share with you the review I wrote for a book I recently read.

Title:     Green Fever
Author: JC Amezquita

Mark Cervantes is a good natured, young family man who falls victim to a false accusation of violence during a pacific environmental protest interrupted by the arrival of anarchic groups. Meanwhile, the boss of the biotech firm for which he works, a young, vane and rather careless guy, gets involved with a shady underground organization who has promised him new business and whose actions he naively finds exciting and brave. His lack of judgment will have heavy consequences for many members of the company.
I got very much into the story and was reading nonstop. Great character description and the right amount of suspense, supported by a well chosen pace, make of this a very pleasant fiction book. There are some violent scenes, but always described avoiding useless splatter details. It also makes you think how easy it could be for a perfectly normal, easy going and honest citizen, to get caught into a vicious net, from which it can be very hard to escape unscathed, physically or morally. A very pertinent topic, given our present day situation.